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“Of Feliks and Aging, AKA ‘you can bullshit basically anything with a little knowledge and twenty minutes of bus time with no 3G and plenty of stuff saved on your phone.’”

Based on a one-sided rant into (sleeping) tumblr. user aphspoopy/ verifiedbelarus’ inbox. Sorry it’s formatted like this, but mobile doesn’t allow me to insert photos in-line with text.

I saw a post, the contents of which were “imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian.”

My icon is the first image: Feliks and Casimir the Great. (Establishing right now that I don’t own anything, all images belong to their rightful owners, etc., etc. Reverse google search it if you want an author, or there’s a sig on it too.)

Now, Casimir the Great of Poland reigned 1333-1370. He’s also known for “having come across a wooden Poland and left it made of stone.” And also bringing Poland lots of military successes, and instating the złoty/grosz system, and lots of other things I won’t go into because that’s what history class is for, and I’m not a Wikipedia article. Somebody ask me because I actually recently found my notes.

So yes. What’s the nearest canonic event? The marriage between Jadwiga and Jogaila/Jagiełło, Union of Krevo, 1385.

Let’s do a quick assessment of looks first. He looks around ten, eleven, twelve maybe. Right?

Look for a second at the height difference between Liet and Jagiełło.

We know from sources (Jan Długosz’s ‘Kronika’)

“…Wzrostu był mizernego, twarzy ściągłej, chudej, u brody nieco zwężonej…”

“…He was of an unimpressive height, a face that looked drawn and thin, somewhat narrowed towards the chin…”

And we also know that although in recent times, yes, there is a considerable height difference between Liet and Poland, when they were young, such a difference was very small or nonexistent.

Toris is a head smaller than Jagiełło.

Look also at the height difference between Jadwiga and Feliks himself, then at the difference between me (5’10) and my 11-yo. brother. (Ignore the party clothes.) A believable difference, especially since he’s apparently ‘very tall,’ and Feliks isn’t.

Now, here’s where a bit of applied math comes in!! YAY!

Assume that Feliks and Feliciano are the same age, or of a similar one. That would make him an approximation of four years old when he was baptized in 966 A.D. This is also the age that, according to Slavic tradition, boys would get their hair trimmed and would be given another name. So this age would make sense, given the circumstances. And we canonically know that he’s 19, assumed since 1989- that’s when Poland regained independence for good.

Yes. So 1,989-966= 1,023. 19-4=15. 1,023/15=68.2. We can calculate that he ages approximately one year every 68.2 years.

1,385-966=419 years pass between baptism and Krevo. 419/68.2=~6.14[…]. 4+6=10. He’s approximately 10 here.

Finally, a quick map of Lithuania in 1385. You can see that it encompasses a large part of modern-day Belarus.

Feliks and Toris moved in together (both their Marukaite Chikyuu state this fact).

Therefore, you can claim that the Feliks from my icon suddenly and inexplicably became Natalya’s guardian.

Okay, I’m going to credit
for the first image by request! :) are you still all right if I use it as a profile photo?
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